Old is always gold

15 Sep

Old is always gold

The greatest games of our time

Old is gold. This is a saying that you are bound to have heard at some point in time in our life. Isn’t it very true though? It is usually the older and more tested things that always come out on top. There are new things and items that keep coming out all the time in every category but it is the classic stuff that never fails to impress, and that is why they have achieved classic status in the first place. The same thing holds true with video games as well.

We have reached a world where video games are now indistinguishable from what they were a few years ago. There was a time when video games used to be pixels you used to move around on a small hand held devices. Today we live in a world where video games gadgets can cost an arm and a leg and the exorbitant prices also mean that the games are also turning out to be exorbitantly beautiful. The graphics in today’s games often make it look like a movie rather than game being played. New devices being able to process millions of information at a time has completely changed the gaming landscape as newer games with heavier system requirements and better graphics and newer gameplay systems start to flood the market. But among this all, the classic such as Counter Strike and DOTA still survive. In fact, DOTA and Counter Strike are still ranked at the most played multiplayer games in the world and despite the graphics being outdated and the game being decades old, they are still close to the player’s heart and still remain one of the best games ever made in the history of mankind.

Esports betting shows the importance of the classic

The fact that there are still esports betting (sports betting) websites active on the internet where people frequently participate in csgo betting and DOTA 2 bet placing shows us the love and the excitement that people still have for this never dying evergreen game.